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Inspire21 Visitor Feedback

Here are some of the kind words sent to us since 2001.
We are always grateful to hear from our visitors!

Thank you for taking the time to create such beautiful ecards.
I have sent your cards to friends and family all over the world.
Your words and thoughts have given me a way to express to those
I care so much for just how important they are to me. I always
receive feedback... folks telling me how beautiful the cards
are, or how they spoke to them at just the right moment!

I hope those around you know how you have touched the WHOLE
WORLD with your work. I pray they know how special a person you
are... how you have touched so many lives... giving them peace,
love and courage at just the right moment.

Thank you so much for your work... it is a true blessing from
God. I think in 1st Timothy of the Bible it says that "some will
teach, some will reach." But you have reached more than a (local)
Preacher or a Sunday School Teacher could ever reach. Your work
knows no boundaries... it goes all over the world to sooooooo
many people of different faiths. What a joy to know that I can
be apart of this great ministry by sending your cards.

May God Bless you and may your work grow and grow!

Stephen Modawell, Arlington, Texas


I was so excited when I found your website...I LOVE THE CARDS!  I was even more excited when I found out that I actually know you (accompanied your daughter Emily on a few trips with the Girl Scouts several years ago). What a small world! I was searching for a new site for Christian/Inspirational ecards and yours was the first one that came up that I hadn't visited before. I love the quality, and I have recommended it to many of my friends.  Thank you for all of your hard work! I really appreciate it!

Tammy Tremblay, Commerce, GA


I went to high school with Pete, but he didn't know me then, but I knew who he was. He was our Class President and, while I thought that was pretty cool
back then, I didn't realize until I had children of my own just what that meant.
It meant that Pete had the loving guidance and support from parents
that believed in him, and encouraged him to be the best person he could be. 
And those childhood values have certainly carried him thru life as a good
family man and honest business man. You should be very proud that you're a
good person in a tough world.

God bless you,

June Allison, McArthur High, Hollywood, Florida, Class of '67


I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your website.  When I am having a rough day at work/home, one line from your email will turn it around and make me smile.
Pritee Agarwal


Hi - I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your newsletter. Keep up the good work.

Cindy Lippens


Let me just say I like you web site. The concept is a great idea and so needed.

Tony P. Badon


Thank You! I really enjoyed the 'STORIES' section. Keep up the 'Good Works'

Alvin Speegle, Jr.


I finally got around to visiting your web site tonight--quite impressive. I look forward to sending some cards to some friends. I even signed up as a subscriber. I especially enjoyed your biographical information.  As a devoted husband and proud father of three daughters, I was impressed by how much you included about your family. You can tell that your wife and children mean a lot to you and are a source of pride for you.
Todd Brooks 


I am very fond of all the cards and appreciate all the work that
goes into this. Thank you for this wonderful site.

Blue Deedah


I really like inspire21. It really gives me something to do when I'm on my break at Bank One. I enjoy reading the scripture & religious part. We need more web-sites like this!!!!

Rashieka D. Jones


I wanted to mention how much I enjoy receiving everything from you guys... Inspiration, quotes, stories, everything is just wonderful. Keep up the great work. Thanks for the continuous wonderful messages.

Sarah, Vermont, USA


Just a short note to say "Thank You" for allowing me to subscribe n receive
all these lovely e-mails from you. All the best 2 U 'n' ur team and keep up
the good work U guyz r doing. Coz if it weren't for wonderful people like
u, we wouldnt b able to express ourselves in so many lovely ways.
Cheers 'n' All The Very Best 4 2002!!!!!


Note: I replied to Jillian to inform her there was no "team," just me-myself-and-I doing all the work at the site. She replied back:

My due apologies for referring to you and your staff/team, as I had presumed
that having created such a wonderful site would definitely mean a group of
persons involved. But I do have to compliment you for the fabulous job you
have done all by yourself. And 3 cheers 4 ur family members who have stood
by you all this time, for it is really bliss when one has the support of
family members through storms or sunshine. Hats off to them, and all our
love and support is with you all the way.

Keep up the great work Pete, n wish you all the very best in all that U do
in the future and I will definitely pass on the good news about ur site to
all my friends and family around the world.

Will be looking forward to a great journey thro ur interesting website and
for all forthcoming updates, etc.,

Bye n Gods Choicest Blessings on U n Ur family,



Hallo Pete!
I got Your web address via Jim Rohn's weekly e-zine. I saw it and joined right away. This is just the best inspirational website I have ever seen. There's really something for every occasion. I have let many of my group know, everybody just loves it. Have sent out some very appropriate ecards.
I would like to congratulate YOU on this incredibly helpful idea, especially for network-marketers. Thanking YOU from the bottom of my heart.
Wishing YOU and YOUR loved ones, as well as YOUR staff the Merriest Christmas and the Happiest 2002. PLEASE keep up the GREAT work
Yours sincerely, KARL HOERMANN, Sydney, Australia


Just want to say how much I enjoy your messages....and also hope that your mom is doing better. Take Care and may God bless you and yours....

S. Jordan-Barnett


I love your cards, stories and everything else you have on your site.
I would like to e-mail some of your stories, How do you do that?

Thank you        
Patricia Pennington

Note: Since this email (11/26/01), I installed a link at the bottom of each "Inspiring Story" so they could be emailed from the site.


I have been a subscriber to your ezine for some number of months. I just want to let you know that your site and your ezine are very uplifting to me when I have been needing a lift. I have four boys ranging in ages from 8 to 3 plus I have a day home. There are many days that I have needed a lift. I wanted to say thank you. I don't know how many emails you get thanking you but I just wanted to make sure I was one of them.
"Buy the Milk" was the most inspiring and uplifting story that I have read from your ezine. It nearly brought tears to my eyes. I have shared it with my friends and my children's teachers, to maybe use in the classroom as they are in a Christian based schooling. I believe that you must have been guided to that story so that you could print it and share it with millions. And maybe open a few more eyes to what the Lord may be saying to us.
I also enjoyed the story of Mel Gibson. It made me think that what you see on the outside is not what is on the inside. Not that I didn't do that before, but it helped reinforce that.
So, thank you for your hard work, your many hours and sacrifices. I am so grateful. May your Mother be in God's hands.
Green lights and blue skies..... What a cheery send off. Thank you again.
Allison Little


Your site is SO inspiring. I am writing to ask permission to use your
images on my website and I would be happy to put a link to your website
so my visitors can go there.

Thank you for your time and for the inspiring work of keeping these
values alive.

Phyllis Reid-Moore

Due to her site work, and link, permission was granted for use of images


I am so impressed with your sight. I've sent many e-cards in the last few days... Thank you very much.

Claire M. Pimentel, HR Assistant, Salve Regina University


I love your website, and your heartfelt words used to express how much you want to continue your desires to keep this up and running! I admire your courage to speak up! I read your support page... you asked for support and I will do what I can! I have always believed in a system of "win-win". I will definitely share with friends and business associates your website. This is an awesome place. A lot of hard work and dedication and love has gone into making this happen! I appreciate knowing this place exists! 
Well, I have browsed through different categories and have sent a card already to a friend who really needs some words of encouragement! God knows - everyone at some point in time in their life - will need words of encouragement even if they are silent! God bless y'all!

From a new found friend,
kelly corner, houston, texas


Upon the suggestion of one of America's true heroes, Bill Austin, I visited The first area I went to was 'ABOUT.' Herein lies much about the character and vision of the man and his dream. To say the least, I was impressed by the "quality and content" of the material. Further, I could not help but notice your dedication to your father and mother...
I perused the site and was further impressed with its' organization and content. It is well written and presented... As a man of 63, I am only interested in quality. Your website certainly represents that.

George Van Valkenburg, Success Thru Learning


Is there any way I can get the actual cards (from ecard designs) mailed to my house...? I collect cards like those and I love them. I think it would be great to be able to get them mailed to me, for a price of course. Thanks!

Elayne Powell



I'm Xenia, from Germany. I just wanted to say how very much I like your website and how happy I am that I found it. It gives me a smile when I read the stories and helps me to go on when life gets too difficult.

My dad and mom understand no English and if I find a very nice story I translate it to them and make them laugh... it is so nice to see that. I am so thankful for this stuff, it is amazing how some words can light up your day.


CARPE DIEM -- Nutze den Tag!!!


My husband and I met Pete at a wedding we had attended a few years ago. We developed a camaraderie right away and found your son and his wife to be delightful people. We are subscribers to Pete's Inspire website. His site is a quiet place to rest over the course of your day. He brings to back down to earth and helps you keep focused on the important things.  He is always so uplifting, too. I really like his closing comments, "Blues skies and Green Lights Everybody." Pete ought to copyright it or whatever. It is a terrific way to close out your message.

Gene and Page Long


I live on the East Coast of Canada. I am writing to say how much I look forward to receiving your ezine on a regular basis. It is something that I can share with my eleven year old daughter, and we are both inspired by one or many of the stories and quotes in it. If I am feeling down, there is always something to bring my focus away from everyday problems and challenges, and puts life back into perspective. If I know someone else who is struggling with a rough time in life, I can pass on meaningful information which always makes a difference. As a single mother, with very limited cash, it is so nice that this is offered free of charge for all who need it to enjoy and benefit from. Thank you. It is always a reminder that we are never alone, but part of a larger community of faith, here to support and sometimes challenge one another to always do our best and live God's
will. My prayers are with you and your mother. Thank you again for making a difference.

Jennifer Jolly


You do not know me but I feel I know a little about you... May God shine his love and the Holy Spirit fill you with love as you have touched myself, and my friends and family in ways you will never know...
When ever I need to do some reflection on myself I turn to your Inspiring words and feel so much better... When I need to help a friend I send them one of your many cards of Inspiration that have helped me and I know that these words help my friends. So I am here writing this e-mail to you to say a simple THANK YOU for all your words of encouragement, Love, kindness and inspiration to just get  along in this world of hectic times.
May God embrace your Mother in his arms when it is her time. She may not know how much of a wonder full person she is now, She is soon to find out.. She can be very PROUD of her upbringing of you. I only hope one day My 3 children, whom I love more than my own life, can have wonderful things to say about me as you do about your mom. This shows what Pride you have in her and how everything she has done for you has not gone unnoticed. Your love for your MOM shines through the computer everytime I receive one of your newsletters.
The words that were quoted on today's letter, "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away," has inspired me today to be out of doors and loving the wonders of my country home with my two dogs and my husband... and to be thankful for all that I have.
Thanking you once again for all the love you put into your work and Praying a prayer for your MOM (whom you must take after) that her suffering is little and her spirit is lifted up by the angles .


Inspire is a blessing to me because I can send e-cards to family and
friends. Many thanks to Pete Barkelew for creating this website.

Corry Adderley


I am Emailing to say how much your website has inspired me - and others - over recent months. Our family is going through a particularly challenging time at the moment and some of your stories have been a Godsend. Thank you so much for the hours of pleasure I have gained from searching through your selection of cards and stories. When words mean so much, I can usually find exactly what I'm looking for on your website. Many grateful thanks...
Carol Terry, Kent, England


You have a gift for writing and inspiring those of us not as gifted. In
the world today, where so many are looking for answers and peace, your writing is a great blessing.

May the peace that only God can give be with you now and always.

Mary Norse


I must tell you that thanks to this site and thanks to your cards, I'm a completely changed person. Thanks to you, people in the entire planet are enjoying this site and the magic things that beautiful words can do to somebody. You are such a successful person and such a great guy... putting your heart and soul into so many words and phrases that millions of people on this planet use to help other ones feel better. I'm from Chile, from South America, but I'm studying and playing tennis in Troy State University, and your cards and words have helped me in my life and in my tennis career... your mother created such a wonderful person and she must be so proud of you. She is one of the most luckiest persons on this planet to have a son like you...

Carolina Aravena


Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy your emails (ezine). I especially find that when I am feeling down, it really reminds me of the bigger picture, and that sometimes my problems aren't really problems at all. It makes me smile - even though I've had a really bad day. I hope you don't mind, but I also find inspiring quotes and pass them on to my friends when I know they need a lift. Please keep it up, because you even cheer up a good day sometimes! Cheers!



This is coming to you all the way from Sydney, Australia...
Discovered Inspire21 several months ago - I love poems, biblical quotations, etc., and couldn't believe my good fortune. Pete has in his selection my dear Father's favorite prayer, "Lord, Make Me an Instrument of Thy Peace."  I found it among Dad's papers  after he passed on in 1974 - he would have so enjoyed Pete's site. And to think he does it all by himself!!   
A friend lost her nephew, aged 30, a few weeks ago to suicide and I've been sending her words of comfort and support. She has emailed saying how much she has appreciated them. Couldn't have done this without Inspire21. Pete is a real blessing - May God's presence surround you and grant you peace.

Betty, Sydney, Australia


I am a relative newcomer to your wonderful web site and newsletter service... it gives me great pleasure to read your inspirations.

I'm from Australia and even though the popular image of our country is that of lying on beaches etc., my life is anything but! My job is very hectic and I am a single parent with a teenage son and I look forward to receiving these messages of hope and inspiration.

It's hard to believe that you do this all yourself - one tends to think that there is an army of people behind such a professionally run website - but you are certainly to be congratulated for touching so many people's lives in such a positive way.

I'm sure the inspiration and determination you have to achieve such a feat, has been instilled in you by your family and therefore you are to be equally congratulated.

Kind regards,
Julie Willett, Australia


I'm new to your web page and have found it a wonderful, enchanting place. I have been able to put into words, with you cards, little messages to friends and family all over the world. You are an inspiration to us all.
Jennifer Adler





I appreciate your work and what ur doing. ur writings help us a lot.
wish u all the best
farooq jalali, pakistan


I want to thank you for such a lovely site. It has brought much tranquility to me, I love sending cards to friends and family and they really love the ones I send. You have such beautiful cards and I'm am sure they bring much happiness to those who search your site... Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to send such lovely cards to our loved ones! May God bless and watch over you and yours.

Mr and Mrs Rick Jones


Just want to say thanks so much for the lovely website. It is really special. So many of your articles and stories have done the rounds to my family and friends around the world. They all enjoyed it as much as I do.  One really longs for kind words, healing words and something that truly matters in life. Now maybe more so! After the terrible events of the 11th September we all need healing. Healing of the heart, healing of the mind and soul.

I am from South Africa and my husband from Germany but we have made our home now in Arizona, USA and are really happy here. We do miss our family and friends in far away places, but when I read your articles and inspirational words - I feel I am home...

Fond regards,

Micheline Muller, Arizona, USA


... Pete has given more people than even he knows, a reason to smile, to keep on keeping on, to reach out, to pray and praise, to love. I could go on and on, but from just one of his followers, please let me try to express my gratitude to you... Thank you for giving such a blessing to me for the past 2 months. I have so enjoyed his cards and his notes, letting us know what he is doing... I would love to meet him someday, as I'm sure he would be as warm and wonderful as his computer site reflects. May our Lord continue to bless you for the blessings you have given to many... May all of your days have blue skies also.  

Lovingly grateful,

Beverly Rogers


Your site is really excellent, I understand the amount of hard work and time you must be putting into it to make it so. I am thankful to you for making such a good site, you also seem to be a good human being... hats off to you
for having the courage to keep it free.

Vinit J. Hala, India


I just had to email you and thank you for the many inspiring words that have come my way through Inspire21! May God bless you and continue to use you!

Sherry Harvey


I was so depressed because of a family conflict, the day after I wanted to say I'm sorry to those I had hurt, but was at a loss for words, all day I looked at your ecards, although I did not send any that day, the inspiring messages stuck with me. My sincere actions was silently rewarded... My major prayer was answered, and now I can show those I have hurt how sorry I am because we get to move closer to them. I want to say thank you for offering an inspiration sanctuary.

Michelle Curry


I'd just like to say... Pete is an inspiration to everyone who visits his Inspire21 site.  I'll bet your mother is very proud of you!

God Bless You,






... this website has been my main communication to people I care about. I use it to send to people in our church who I know are having a hard time or just need uplifted. I know how proud you must be and you have a right to be... providing such inspiring words and pictures through the web site. I will pray for Pete's continued success. God bless you...

Dora Jeffers


It is good to know that there are good people still in this world like your son.  His inspiring words is just great!  I pass them on to people on my daily list.  The cards are also wonderful, my friends and family love them.

Cindy Lippens


I really enjoy reading articles and comments on your website... you have inspired us through your website... God's guidance and blessing to your entire family...

Ayotunde Mabawonku, Lagos, Nigeria


I love your website and have found many times just the right words for friends who were hurting, or those that just plain needed lifting up. I was given the wonderful gift of a positive outlook in life, but many of my friends suffer from "negative." Your website is a positive, good, wonderful thing about the internet... don't ever go away... 
Jane Austin
Safari Destinations


You have a website that makes us yearn for the yesteryears when Right was Right, and Wrong was Wrong. We all want the chivalry, morality, family values back. You are really making a great effort of keeping the site updated... You lifts many hearts...


Regina - Philippine Islands


I am fairly new to the world of Computers, but have managed to practice and investigate deep into computer territory. I have found a lot of interesting places and things and I have found some so-so that are not in my interests.
But, I have to say that I do enjoy Inspire21... it is uplifting, very often encouraging and down right pleasant. I hope this little note to you somehow brightens your day...

Susanne E. Greenwood


Just wanted to stop by and say Hello! Enjoy your mailings... You must be a special person, your Mom must be very proud of you. Take Care... Blessings to You, your family and especially Mom.

Annmarie Courtemanche


Just a quick note to let you know that... you are doing some really great work for the Lord with your website. But, I'm sure you know that already.

Love and prayers for you. 

Jo Ann Doyle, Atlanta, GA


Thank u sooo much for all the wonderful work u do on Inspire21... I just love it. I can always find just the right thing to send to friends who seem to be in need. Take Care...

Jacquie Henderson... way down in New Zealand :-)