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Quotations on "Inspire21 Ecards" by Topic

Action and Achievement
Age and Beauty
Aim and Ambition
American and Patriotic
Caring and Consideration
Character and Attitude
Communication and Cooperation
Confidence and Commitment
Courage and Fear
Criticism and Complaining
Determination and Will
Dreams and Hope
Effort and Results
Excellence and Perfection
Family and Children
Forgive and Forget

Friends and Relationships
Goals and Planning
Greatness and Leadership
Growing and Changing
Happiness and Home
Help and Heart
Humility and Honor
Humor and Laughter
Investing and Wealth
Learning and Teaching
Life and Living
Love and Romance
Mistakes and Mishaps
Music and Performance
Networking and MLM
Opportunities and Profit

Patience and Perseverance
Philosophy and Thoreau
Quality and Value
Reality and Insight
Seeds and Encouragement
Sports and Team
Success and Wellbeing
Thinking and Thought
Time and Energy
Today and Tomorrow
Truth and Integrity
Weddings and Marriage
Wisdom and Knowledge
Women and Mothers
Work and Worry

Spiritual - Religious
Abundance and Blessing
Church and The Word
Faith, Hope and Prayer
Family and Friends
Giving and Growing
Glory, Joy and Spirit
Jesus and The Lord God
Love, Heart and Soul
Man, Woman and Child
Peace and Perseverance
Sin and Commandments
Treasures and Tribulations
Work and Worry - Religion
Miscellaneous - Religion
  Special Occasions  
Birthday and Anniversary
Bon Appetit and Bon Voyage
Christmas and Hanukkah
Congrats and Good Luck
Easter and Miscellaneous
Father's Day and 4th of July
Get Well and Sympathy
Greetings and Invitations
Halloween and Thanksgiving
Happy Holidays / New Year
Miss and Think About You
Thank You and Best Wishes

Valentine's and Mother's Day