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Inspire21 offers a vast collection of free artistic ecards, inspiring stories, quotations and poetry that can be shared with anyone, anywhere in the world.  Obviously, this is a Christian site, but we welcome anyone looking for inspiring words... or wishing to share them.  If interested, see WHY we wanted to create Inspire21, and see what some of our many happy visitors have written about us since 2001.

My name is Pete Barkelew, the creator of Inspire21 and calligrapher for all of the ecard designs.  I've been living  in Athens, GA - Home of the University of Georgia Bulldogs - with my family since May, 1975.  I'm a full time, independent graphic artist, since 1976, specializing in hand lettering and contemporary calligraphy since 1980.  I am very happily married to my college sweetheart, Cathy, and we have 3 wonderful children, Bret (8/14/83), Matt (7/30/86), and Emily (2/25/89).

Although I majored in music education, as a trumpet player, I minored in commercial art.  After graduating in 1972, I got married and became an insurance agent (rather than become the Cooper City High School band director in Florida).  My wife and I moved to Atlanta in 1974, to be near her sister's home.  May, 1975, I began working with another insurance company which transfered us to Athens.  As we toured this college town laced with antebellum homes, I whistled "Tara's Theme" from Gone With The Wind (my wife's favorite movie), and she said, "This is where we'll raise our family."  We've been here ever since.

I've been doing calligraphy off and on since high school.  Over the years I used it for personal reasons (fund raisers, volunteer graphics, etc.), and then offered it with my graphic design services as more of his clients requested it.  By 1983, I was lettering logos and slogans for numerous regional clients, so I started marketing this specialty work nationally in 1985 as "The Write Direction."  Armed with the full belief that uniquely and professionally lettered words stood out from most forms of commercial text, used everyday in print advertising, I set out to become one of the top names in the field of hand lettering.  It felt pretty great when a New York Art Director told me my work was in the top 5 in the country (in fact, he suggested I do a line of greeting cards).  But, after a few years, I was spending more money marketing my services than I was earning nationally, and after watching (type font) design after design resemble lettering and calligraphy, I began to give up hope that I could continue making a living with this specialty work.  Until now!  Today, I can advertise and promote these services over the worldwide web... featuring my custom lettering services."

I launched on April 2, 2000 by myself, with the love and support of my family.  To celebrate our 10th Anniversary, I took on a young partner to help take Inspire21 to another level of service.  Welcome Wes Brennan, and your loving wife, Whitney, who will orchestrate our performance into the 21st Century.

Please visit often, and email these free, artistic eCards to everyone you know.  They're designed to open the mind and touch the heart, with the power of famous words... to create a mental vision, a new mindset, to learn, grow and strive for all we can be, do and have in life.  By encouraging you to encourage others, we hope to have a very busy spot on the web someday, where we can work exclusively on new ecards and add more inspiring stories, quotes, poetry (and some humor) see, to read and share.

May the best of your dreams be the least of your rewards... and may God bless us all and our endeavors to serve Him.   Blue skies and green lights everybody!