Big Bird and a Wooly Friend

How Things Work

Have You Ever Wondered How It’s Done?

Here is how the Big Bird suit was worn and operated.

This is how Ice-cream Cones are made.

This is how a beanstalk grows  

How Wi-Fi is distributed inside an apartment  

How camouflage gets on a helmet   

Why Michael Jackson was able to defy gravity  

What dogs do when they drink water  

How coins get sorted inside a machine  

The way braces change your teeth  

How a trumpet makes that beautiful music  

The way pretzels are tied en masse  

How peanut butter jars are filled full of creamy goodness  

What actually happens when y ou put a key in a door  

How exactly all that stuff gets into a Pop-Tart  

What it looks like when you swallow  

How hay bales get wrapped  

How water affects light  

How paper clips turn into paper clips  

The life of a dandelion  

How flight patterns change throughout the day  

And how terrifying the human face is when it’s forming in the womb

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