Return Of Jesus

In a world filled with turmoil and uncertainty, a profound event unfolded that would forever change the course of human history. It had been over two millennia since the birth of Jesus Christ, and the prophecies foretold of his eventual return. The anticipation and longing for his second coming had …

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Christianity & Pretzel Connection

One snack food with a history in Christian faith is the pretzel. Pretzels have a long-standing tradition in Christianity, dating back to the Middle Ages. According to popular belief, the pretzel’s unique shape was created to resemble arms crossed in prayer, with the three holes representing the Holy Trinity. They …

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Friend To All

Friend to Everyone

Her nickname is “Friend-to-All” for she validates and loves each life. Offers witness of her Lord and Savior, for He alone ends strife. She is the friendly one over there, with the great big smile Who speaks to all, hugs with care, and always goes the extra mile. She’s loyal …

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Car Dashboard

This is a true story that actually happened to me today at sunset and I kept thinking about it. I then decided to share it with you. Key Verse Matthew 6: 11 “Give us this day our daily bread.” In life there are always two views of everything and it …

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Looking into the eyes of the Lord

Park Bench

I was into the fifth day of neglecting my daily reading of the Bible, knowing I couldn’t continue down this road any longer. My walk with God has been at times a two-step forward, one-step back routine, but it had been a while, since I drifted for that many days …

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Health Care Workers

“I can be whatever I want to be,” we’ve all been told, It has always been the most inspiring expression! Yet, even so, sometimes loving and talented people, Reflect upon their lives, so dedicated and true, Wondering, “Was this what I was supposed to do?” Instead of personal glory and …

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The Shoe Man


My alarm went off It was Sunday again. I was sleepy and tired My one day to sleep in. But the guilt I would feel The rest of the day Would have been too much So I’d go and I’d pray. I showered and shaved I adjusted my tie. I …

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