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“Stroke while driving!” That was the diagnosis from the Emergency Room doctor and it eventually resulted in Eternity for my beloved husband. The shock, loss, and pain, all overwhelmed me, and I wanted only to isolate myself from everyone from that moment. I couldn’t endure being with the happy Christian couples with whom we had visited and gone out to eat. Although I went back to church, I avoided the ones we had been friends with, because they were still happily married, while I had become a grieving widow.

I kept praying to God and asking Him to give me another memory of my husband, a happy picture other than the pictures I had of a man who had suffered for so many years, with serious health issues.

Months later, one morning, when I awakened, I saw the giant face of my husband, smiling at me, his eyes were blue diamonds, his smile was wide and happy, and he looked about 30 years old, although he had been much older when he left. His face was radiant and aglow with extreme happiness. As I looked at his beautiful countenance, I finally experienced the first peace of mind I had known since the accident. I felt his deep love surrounding me, joy flooded my heart, and I would have been thrilled to stay in that moment forever. I knew he was happy, being with his heavenly father and out of pain.

I resolved to accept the fact that he was actually better off than he had been, away from all of the trauma of his illness. I realized it was my responsibility to live the life I had been given, in a way that would honor The Lord, bless my family, and help others. I knew my husband would want that, because he was a devoted Christian man.

It didn’t happen overnight, but eventually, I regained a balance where I could appear normal, and even though the pain persisted, it had significantly lessened.

One day, the Lord asked me what I wanted from what was left of my life. “What I want is a worthy purpose. I would also like for someone to once again love me and be a companion.

The questions continued, asking, “What else do you want?” So, I thought, I could be more specific. “I want a future husband who will love The Lord, above all, love me next, have a close-knit family, with grandchildren, and I would want him to like to laugh, sing, and dance.” Then, I decided to “…go for broke, and I said, “… and a retired high school teacher would be nice!” Then, I forgot all about this uplifting experience, until …

One day in church, I was looking around when I ‘heard’ a voice in my heart, saying, “Look over there, for there is the man you prayed about weeks ago.” I looked across the vast church, and noticed that a spotlight was shining on the man’s head, but nowhere else. I thought, “I’ve lost my mind.” I looked around to see if anyone could tell, but no, they kept right on singing. So, I said to The Lord, “If this is YOU, please, say it again.” The Lord said it again, and I went home that day, shocked, and shaken, questioning my own sanity. Of course, I told no one.

I went to my grief counselor, and he said, “A man has sent you a message, and this is it.”
I asked who would send me a message? He replied, “His name is Emmet.”

Then, months later, I was in church, and I saw that man. I walked up to him and asked his name. When he replied with the exact name, I said, “Thank you Sir, for sending me the message through the grief counselor, that the waves of death and despair would lessen over a period of time. After a while, the waves of pain would come less frequently, last for shorter periods of time, and be less intense.” That message encouraged me so much. He replied, “When I lost my wife, I didn’t think I could make it, and that was how I coped, praying and realizing that the pain would have to lessen eventually.”

I asked, “What line of work were you in?” He replied, “I’m a retired high school teacher.” I knew in that moment he was the exact one The Lord had directed me to notice.

Months later, Emmet was at the front of the church, greeting visitors. I shyly asked him, if he’d like to go for a cup of coffee. It took everything I had to do it, but I was tired of being so lonely. He quickly turned his head to me, said, “YES!” and with a big smile, he told the other greeters, “I have to go.” We agreed to meet at a nearby restaurant.

He went in his car, and I in mine, as we drove to Jim’s restaurant for a single cup of coffee.
We talked as old friends and visited for 2 ½ hours. I found out that he was a devout Christian who had worked in prison ministry for 20 years. He had a close-knit loving family of two wonderful children, and two fantastic grandchildren, and he loved to laugh, sing, and dance! Beyond both being high school teachers who loved to teach and enjoyed kids, we had so much else in common, like being life-long learners in the areas of Christianity, Science, and Technology. Most importantly, we shared the same commitment to our Christian faith.

As we left, he asked for my phone number, and then, four months later, we were married in a small service in the church by Pastor John Hagee, Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, Texas. Everyone was so happy for us, because God had brought us together, as seniors, who had both been given a second chance at happiness. Today, we’ve been married over twelve years and are still incredibly happy!

We recommend single seniors pray for guidance, revitalize their courage, and ask another Christian, at church or work, that they would like to know better, if they would like to meet at a restaurant for a single cup of coffee. You can meet some really wonderful people this way, and besides,
You never know when you might meet your next best friend or future husband or wife!

John 3:16-17 that “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall live and not perish. For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world, through Him, should be saved.”



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  1. KATHARAINA Martin

    It is wonderful to have such an inspirational web site, where Jesus Christ is celebrated as Lord of Lords and King of Kings. All of my writings cite scripture because in Isaiah 55:11, The Holy Bible states: “So shall My Word be that goes forth from My Mouth; it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.” NKJ