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Not All Thieves Are Stupid

burglar at house window

WARNING: Here are some very useful tips… information taken directly from actual thieves who make their living knowing these and many other tricks of the trade. Make note of them and pease share with others. 1. LONG-TERM PARKING Some people left their car in the long-term parking at San Jose …

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Retired Atlanta Police sergeant leaves $600 tip

Sgt. Carrie Mills and receipt

A retired officer with the Atlanta Police Department used part of her stimulus check to help one of her favorite local restaurants. Retired Sgt. Carrie Mills recently ordered take-out from her favorite restaurant in Forest Park, Dai Loi. The order of spring rolls came to $6.21, but it is Mills’ tip that left …

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You’re as young as you feel

elderly couple doing ballroom dancing

If you want to see what years of practice together will do for your dancing style, not to mention your physical shape, watch this couple tear up the dance floor to Jerry lee Lewis. Remember, He is 94 and she is a young 91. You may have to scroll down …

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