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“DANGER!” “WATCH OUT!” “MOVE TO THE RIGHT LANE!” “GO!” “NOW!” I heard these alarming and insistent messages in a ‘still small voice’ in my mind! I hesitated, because I didn’t see a need to change lanes right then, but I did. As my left rear tire cleared the white line …

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PREFACE: This poem is published to honor each birth mother who wants a better life for her baby, than she can provide; so, she appreciatively embraces Adoption’s Answer. She leaves a precious legacy, when she stands fast and protects, with love, courage and true dignity, her own child’s safety, future, …

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A Letter From a Dad to His Daughter Before Her Wedding Day

The priest at a father daughter retreat that my daughter and I were attending, asked the fathers to look into their daughters’ eyes and explain to her how precious she is to him. He said it might be difficult for some of you, embarrasing for some, you may feel self-conscious …

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