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This is a true story that actually happened to me today at sunset and I kept thinking about it. I then decided to share it with you.

Key Verse
Matthew 6: 11 “Give us this day our daily bread.”

In life there are always two views of everything and it depends on how you view it. One may see a glass of water as half empty while another may see the same glass as half full. What keeps you going is actually how you view things in life. Today I learned an interesting story based on what my little daughter said when we were driving.

The Story.
Today my little daughter was really interested in knowing the function of each of the parts of the interior of a car. Probably it is because when we got into the car to drive it started to drizzle and I had turned on the wipers. She asked about the wipers I explained that they help wipe away water on the screen so we could see properly. As I was changing the gears she asked about them and I explained. Next she was on the hazard button, I also explained its function. After a few minutes of silence, she asked to press the hooter and I accepted. I saw her playing with the hand brake as I was still driving then I told her that when the car is moving we do not apply either foot or hand brake. Amongst all the things we discussed as I was explaing was the fuel gauge. Each car normally has the letters E for empty and F for full. My daughter said to me, “Dad I know what the E stands for.” Out of curiosity I said, “Tell me dear.” Confidently she said, “It stands for ENOUGH.” She continued, we always have enough fuel that is why the pointer is always pointing at E.” I was speechless to say the least. Knowing that because of ecomical challenges my pointer is always pointing at E, but meaning “Empty” now the child sees “ENOUGH” because we have “ENOUGH” for each day and God has seen us through with our pointer on E.

I asked myself a serious self searching question. How many times have I complained that my pointer is at “EMPTY”, but still the following day I drive and the other day and so many other days. I had a small prayer while my little daughter sat by my side and said, “Lord teach me to read that E as “ENOUGH” rather than “EMPTY.” For sure the Lord provides for each day.

So the next time you see “E” on the dashboard, whether the pointer is at “E” or wherever please know that it’s “ENOUGH” for the day.

The widow of Zarephath’s oil and flour were miraculously available as long as she needed them (1 Kings 17:14–16).

2 Corinthians 12: 9 “My grace is sufficient for you……”

God bless you as you read this article.



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