Celebrating Seniors
Celebrating Seniors

Celebrating Seniors

God gave us the gift of knowing how to reach out and give love away,
Get Seniors glowing, brighten their moments, and save their day.
What we do to protect, and provide, builds a bridge across the great divide,
Between the Tsunami River of Loving Kindness that we provide.
And the isolated residences where the lonely people quietly reside.

In providing a listening ear, to the forgotten, encouraging them, in their urgent need.
We are reaching out, creating new friendships, and partnering to proceed,
Becoming a valiant part of healing hearts, restoring hope, blessing others with resources.
Whether it’s sponsoring mighty Meals on Wheels or funding other worthy sources.
Even friendly Internet connections enhances time for those who are stranded and all alone.
Renews lives by texting, e-mailing, solving puzzles, connecting with FaceTime on I-phone

Yes, there’s a crisis out there! We’re all so busy and have so much to do.
No time to help the homebound; because we have our own duties, too!
This change in NORMAL is affecting everyone, but with a great plan, we can proceed.
In giving our time, we can make a connection to the lonely and fulfill a good deed.
Let’s work together for a bright LEGACY OF KINDNESS that fulfills, expands, exceeds!
By sharing our love, we celebrate our seniors, as they become re-involved and succeed!

“And above all these, put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.” KJV I John 3:16



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