It’s true; although our families weren’t featured in the latest Fortune 500’s Financial News,
We kids were rich in ways that many might not see as a prestigious or an affluent view.
Our parents infused love into our lives, strength in nurture, confidence we could measure;
Captain Marvel Secret Code ring, Schwinn bike, Baldwin piano, Royal typewriter, Book Treasures.
School days, we joyfully rode in the open hatchback of our neighbor’s fancy ‘Model A’ car;
Studied hard, learned it all, did our chores, homework too; worked to be the best, all Gold Star!


Each evening, when dinner was done, chores completed, we pre-teens gathered with might.
Neighborhood pals shared camaraderie; as we began to walk, safely lit by glowing streetlight.
Pals of all ages were waiting there; we had no motor scooters, fast bikes, or car rides to share;
We didn’t know it could be different, or more fun, so we laughed and chatted, without a care.
Gathering among the group, talking all at once, enjoying time together, walking at a steady pace,
While leaves whispered in soft breezes, we strolled thru glorious greenery, loving God’s grace.

Formed by the neighborhood alliances, our friendship walks were fun, because we knew,
Everyone could be trusted, for these great adventures, that special time we pursued.
We valued what we had, counted blessings, contented with our lives; the rest was no big deal,
Because those special moments of lasting friendships were tremendously strong, loyal, and real.
The passage of time has proven there really was no better place, at that time, for us to be,
Then with friends, talking together about our futures, exciting unknown mysteries.

Back then, walking arm-in-arm thru the trees, celebrating other cultures and choices,
Hearts and minds were opening with friendships, validating all people as worthy voices.
Those days were lively, and bright, filled with great adventures, life-changing insight.
We valued those moments, treasured time together, as we talked in soft starlight.
Later, School Integration, a catalyst, embraced our differences, validated all dignity.
We were a diverse group who became friends, competed in sports, studied science, lit, history.

Classroom friends presented their culture’s diverse traditions, revered, beautiful, true;
In sharing our hearts and adventures, with buddies diverse; we enriched our own lives anew.
There’s an exhilaration present, knowing we’ll always have those treasured memories, in store,
As pictures are reviewed, we’re renewed, flashed back in time, shown a bright treasured oncore
Making friends of those with different ancestry, enriched us then, and challenged the past.
Celebrating God-given life and cultural contributions, now, honors their great legacies at last!

“Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.“ I John 4 NKJV



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