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Our mission is to bring you 'Inspiring words for the 21st century.' Wonderfully inspirational and inspiring!
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We absolutely love all of the submitted stories!   We apologize if you don't see your story live.  (We are looking to add more support to the site).   Continue to send the amazing inspirational stories.   Submit your story.  You will see your stories featured on the new site.  We will notify you when the new site is live and your story posted. **   

You will find hundreds of inspiring stories, sayings and quotes, motivational short stories, famous quotations, poetry, bible verses and plenty of humor... with lots of funny free ecards, short stories, quotes, poems and clean jokes to share.

Inspire21's colorful, digital postcards are distinguished by hand lettered quotations... most historically famous... and Bible verses... the most inspiring words of all time.  You'll also find a wonderful collection of poetry, sonnets, power phrases, short stories and all sorts of encouraging thoughts and sayings... all designed to deliver positive inspiration, motivation and create a lasting impression.

Most of Inspire21's cards are, by nature, more serious than those cute, animated postcards you often find online.  These inspiring words are meant to persuade thinking, produce a positive mindset and instill the desire for action and achievement.  They're perfect for networking in business... and for keeping a fire lit under those you may be teaching, coaching or raising.

Hey, it's not all serious!  There are plenty of funny quotes and jokes here too, because humor tickles us all.  Combined with free cards for holidays and special occasions, there are a ton of ways to express your thoughts and feelings.  So, please visit often, to see what's new, and share our unique site and free content with others.  Thanks for visiting!