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Letter To Soldiers

This is a major undertaking at, and they are doing a splendid job. If you have any inclination toward providing some gift to our troop overseas, consider helping this fine organization. Even if it is only sending one letter, it is a welcome contribution.

You need to visit and read about what they are doing. Read about the school children who are sending hundreds of letters of thanks to our military personnel, and the "thank you letters" these soldiers and sailors are sending back.

For information about this volunteer effort to support our troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, including…

  • where to send letters you’ve collected
  • where to send care packages
  • volunteering in your area
  • letting us know about a military family needing help
  • upcoming festivals or events where we could set up a table to collect letters

… please contact them at

What is needed:

They need volunteers to spread the word about this volunteer effort!  Do you have experience in any of the following areas?

  • webmaster (that’s what we’re doing here at
  • PR – press releases, public service announcements, contacting the media (TV, radio, newspapers)
  • fundraising
  • getting sponsors
  • craft people out there to make letter boxes, stockings, posters?


  • Teachers: We’ve heard that the troops love hand-written letters from kids most of all!  Any school teachers that would like their kids to write letters of THANKS to the soldiers would be greatly appreciated.
  • Your Networking Help! Send this to Facebook, Twitter, etc. still needs the following items:  shoes, paperback books, games, toys, candy, small posters, women’s personal care products, Gold Bond and other foot products, card making supplies and stationary, sweat and T-shirts, pure white ankle socks, jerky, dried soups, dried fruit and other snacks, CDs, DVDs, Computer games, small Holiday Decorations, nonperishable small ‘dry’ (powder) drink and food items (not in glass or cans), vitamins, soccer balls and school supplies to give to poor Iraqi and Afghani children.

Please, ladies and gentlemen, our service people need our support… not just prayers, but communication from home. is not asking for money (although they will accept it, gladly), they are looking for volunteers to aid in military morale. Let’s get behind this mission, until they all come home.

Another fine organization, mentioned in this wonderful story, "A Texas Angel," is  Read about them and what you can do to help at:

Thanks for your time and consdieration… and please share this message with your friends and fellow Americans on FaceBook, etc.

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