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A Letter From Dad

This is a letter from a dad to his daughter before her day!

Dear Daughter,

The priest at the father-daughter retreat we were attending asked each father to look into his daughter’s eyes and explain to her how precious she is to him. He said, “It might be difficult for some of you, embarrassing for some, or you may feel self-conscious about saying these things, or at least a little uneasy.” Well, for me, there was no problem at all telling you how very precious you are to me now and always be. Years before you were born, your and I were watching a movie in our first apartment. The movie title was “The Inn Of The Sixth Happiness” starring Ingrid Bergman. The role she played was a dedicated, kind, compassionate, loving nurse serving in China during their war with Japan. She was an extraordinary person, and the people in the town she was serving expressed how they felt about her by calling her Jeni. The name translated into means “wonderful person.” Well, after the movie, I was so moved by the story that I mentioned to your mother, “If we ever have a daughter, I would like to name her Jeni.” Six years later when you were born, I fought tooth-and-nail to name you Jeni! Your mother and I compromised on Jeni as your middle name. Charlene, you are definitely Jeni, a wonderful person. You have always fulfilled and upheld the meaning of the name Jeni. When I recall this story, I wonder if there wasn’t some divine intervention associated with us seeing the movie to discovering that name for you! You have always been a wonderful person, from the first time I saw you in the delivery room until the present, and I know you always remain Jeni. I wish you and Kyle all the happiness in the world!





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