Clouds and Sun representing Jesus healing

’45 Seconds’ An Amazing Visitation

After my second brain surgery, I experienced an amazing visitation.

In 2005, I had my second brain surgery. Three weeks after leaving the and after all family members and friends returned home, I was and felt the most inspirational contact that a person could imagine.

I was watching a program on television and suddenly I realized that wonderful presence of and tranquility filled the room. As I think back on the experience, it was like I was dreaming. Please understand I was awake. As the seconds passed, I felt the wonderful sensation covering my entire body. It started from the top of my head and moved very slowly and peacefully through my entire body. The room seemed illuminate and suddenly I heard a voice say, ” I’m with you.” Four times this was said. Forty five seconds is how long this “healings” visitation lasted.

is the only one that would provide such a miracle experience.
Story by: Dwight Thomas



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