Friend to Everyone

Friend To All

Her nickname is “Friend-to-All” for she validates and loves each life.
Offers witness of her Lord and Savior, for He alone ends strife.
She is the friendly one over there, with the great big smile
Who speaks to all, hugs with care, and always goes the extra mile.
She’s and faithful to help everyone, even through personal pain;
Blesses others with her heart-felt love and Christ-centered refrain.
“Friend-to-All “ shares cheerful words, sweet choir singing, lovely flowers,
That bloom for others… even without shining sun or life-renewing showers!

Her life encourages people with her actions, stories, and more.
Added to that, her kindness and joyous gifts of the heart restore.
She’s God’s emissary, so people acknowledge her and always return,
Because they know God leads, and from her they will learn,
Reading the Bible, learning scripture, listening to others to discern
How the precious gifts her words, songs, and flowers impart,
They bless and infuse pleasure, harmony, and peace for new start.

Celebrate this life; a valiant witness for our Saviour and Lord.
She speaks of His Holiness and anointed message, as she’s in accord,
With His awesome plan for her life, her family, and friends, too.
She knows He will lead, guide, and direct her to achieve and pursue
Never questioning but accepting His Will, then following through.
God bless you, “Friend-to-All” for encouraging others, as you do!
You stay-the-course, bless others and triumph with a life to emulate
We honor your acts of kindness and your great legacy, we celebrate!

Ephesians 5:2 ESV “And in love, as Christ loved us and gave
Himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.”


Dedicated to my friend Evelyn



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