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It Pays To Barter

Thousands of businesses are ready to barter with you!

barter 1 v.t. to exchange without using money 2 n. trade by exchange

Historically, having two companies who swapped products and services of equal value was the only way to experience the benefits of barter. Times have changed.

No longer do companies have to search for direct trade relationships. With Tradebank’s Cashless Commerce™, businesses can benefit from our extensive global network where products and services are traded 24/7. Now all companies, large and small, can leverage the power and simplicity of barter.

A strategic partnership guaranteed to improve your bottom line.
Tradebank International is one of the world’s largest barter exchanges with offices in over 70 cities across the United States, Canada and East Central Europe. Since 1987, Tradebank has completed over two million barter transactions, each helping our clients to conserve cash and make their business more profitable.

How Barter Works
In bartering’s simplest form, two businesses or professionals exchange items of equivalent value. Tradebank, however, opens up a whole new dimension. Now you don’t have to find someone who simultaneously needs your product or service and has what you need. Only one trader’s need is required to start the process, and with the help of a trade broker, everyone comes out with something they need.

Tradebank completes trades for its clients much like a clearinghouse or commercial bank would do for stocks or checks. As an intermediary, Tradebank receives a commission on each transaction and saves all parties the trouble and process of collection, exchange of goods, or matching needs exactly with those of another party.

The transactions between companies are actually converted to barter credits or “trade dollars” (one trade dollar is equal to one U.S. dollar in value) and are reflected as balances in each trading company’s “trade account.” The accounts are maintained and serviced by Tradebank. No receivables. No collection efforts. No bad debts.

The “Why” of Barter
Smart traders barter for those things, which they need or want and would normally spend cash on in the marketplace. By bartering, a company is able to:

• Leave cash in the business
• Buy other products or services at its own wholesale cost
• Spend “trade dollars” from new customers whose business the company would not have gotten otherwise
• Convert excess inventory or unused capacity into tangible assets

Bringing More Business To Your Business
Are you able to accept new business?  New business is one of the greatest benefits of working with Tradebank and as a Tradebank client, we guarantee to bring you new business. We offer you access to thousands of businesses who are new potential customers for your product or service. Like you, these businesses are looking to other Tradebank clients to barter for items they would normally spend cash on in the marketplace. By bartering with these new customers, you’ll increase your business. And when these businesses refer you to other businesses, your company’s cash sales will grow as well.



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