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Illustration of Jesus with one penstroke

Jesus drawn with a single pen stroke

This was an ink drawing published in the 1881 book Real Pen Work / Self Instructor in (Knowles and Maxim, Pittsfield, Mass.).  Why the copyright date on the print is 1884, we can’t explain.  According to one source, the was “expert penman” and co-publisher Alden Knowles.

Some doubt that is was literally created with a “single ”, but that a single line comprised of multiple strokes is more likely.  One reason for the doubts is that “The ball point wasn’t patented until 1889…”  Another reference reads “In the 1870s, L.E. Waterman developed his famous three-channel feed, which provided smooth, controlled flow of ink during writing, and made the portable pen a practical reality.” In any case, it’s an incredible work of art!

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So, it seems, the ultimate “one liner” was inspired by . Funny thing is, it wasn’t a … but a work of art! I’m convinced that God placed some people on this planet specifically for the purpose of creating art. Michelangelo is probably the best example – he once said “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” 

One last example of pristine calligraphy by one of the famous IAMPETH Artists of the past



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