Inspiring True Story of a Father’s Love & Ultimate Sacrifice

We at Inspire 21 heard about an incredible, and wanted very much to share it with our visitors. Please the true story below about a real-life angel, a hero who sacrificed his life to protect others.

Man Saves Wife and Unborn in Crash – Ultimate Act of

Brian Wood was excited to be having his first child with wife Erin. But he didn’t know that he would never see his baby–until in that instant when he made the decision to die so that his may live.

On Sept. 10, 2010, Brian and Erin were traveling through Washington to visit family when a vehicle began weaving wildly, headed right for them. Brian swerved to ensure that he would take the worst of the hit as the vehicle slammed into them. He was killed instantly. Had he not made that decision, the collision would have been head-on, likely resulting in the deaths of Brian, Erin and their unborn child. But, instead, Erin and baby are okay, and baby is due Nov. 5. Brian Wood may never hold his baby, but there’s no doubt that baby will know the hero who gave it life.

By Whitney Brennan



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