Quitting for Success

— By Pete Barkelew, Inspire21.com founder

These 30 “Positive Daily Affirmations” were created to help train the mind to eliminate many of the mental stumbling blocks people have in life and business. The idea is to read one each day of every month to help manage stress, deal with others and improve your outlook on life.

Human beings tend to put things off, like menial tasks and chores. The easiest way to handle any task is to tackle it right away, without hesitation. Volumes have been written on the virtues of “ACT NOW!” I will eliminate a lot of my day-to-day aggravations and concerns by simply doing the things I’d normally put off immediately. Handle it once; get it out of the way.

Problems are caused and time is wasted when people are habitually tardy. In fact, one meeting that starts late could cause numerous other events in the day to be delayed, often for many people, as a chain reaction. Not only is it a bad reflection on me, but it’s a rude and selfish act. The best way to beat tardiness is to resolve to arrive 15 minutes early (or set my clocks up), so I’ll always be early, or at least arrive by my appointed time.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Avoid criticizing others, for they are what you would be under similar circumstances.” Very little is accomplished by being overly critical of people, especially if I have obvious faults of my own. The most effective way to inspire anyone, to be and do their very best, is to praise the positive things they do. I will never belittle or look down on anyone. “There, but for the grace of God, go I.”

Neglect comes in many forms – of personal possessions, career obligations, health, loved ones, friendships, etc. Neglect will cause deteriorationÔǪof all things. I will strive to maintain all positive things in my life, watch for areas of neglect and, whenever possible, offer aid to those who are less fortunate than me. “It’s only with the heart that one can see clearly. What’s essential is invisible to the eye.” The Little Prince, by Lerner & Lowe

Almost anything is acceptable, if done in moderation. However, overeating, oversleeping, overdrinking, etc., can rapidly deplete my health and happiness. In order to maintain good health, vitality and the energy I need for optimum performance, I’ve created the mindset to guard against all excesses. I am a leader, and there is no greater leader than one who leads by example.

One of the worst habits I can get into is making up excuses and alibis for any problems, delays or shortcomings I may be accused of. If I always fall back on excuses for my mistakes, whether made up or real, it would reflect a negative pattern of behavior to others and to my own subconscious mind. It could then become easier to use alibis than it is to honestly meet my obligations. I will act responsibly to avoid the need for excuses.

Bobby McFerrin wrote the song, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” No matter how bad a given problem or situation might be, all of the worrying in the world won’t help it. Worry only serves to stress the mind and the body, minimizing the effectiveness needed to solve the dilemma. I will stop worrying, take action, minimize life’s little problems, and remember that, “this too shall pass.” I will be happy, and I’ll help others be happy, too.

If I want to dance with the Princess, I’ve gotta learn to slay the dragons. One of life’s biggest dragons is fear. I will overcome fear: Fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of rejection, fear of injury and fear of any other setbacks that will keep me from performing at my best. I will not become paralyzed by fear. I will go straight to its heart and rip it out by its roots, I am a Dragon Slayer. I am a Winner!!!

We often let our minds talk us into doing and saying things that we can get into trouble for, claiming “the devil made me do it.” Instead of rationalizing reasons for justifying my actions, I will let my conscience be my guide. In the free world, we are all given the right to make our own decisions. Knowing right from wrong, forevermore, I vow to make only good decisions and stay on the path of success.

Nobody likes a whiner! That’s what constant complaining boils down to. People who complain about the weather, traffic, politics, and everything else beyond their control, are usually very unhappy and dissatisfied with their station in life. No matter how bad things may seem to me, someone else is suffering many times more. I will always maintain a positive frame of mind, remembering that it could always be worse.

To succeed rapidly, I will take every opportunity to better myself, which will increase quality time for me and my family. I will minimize TV watching and maximize education. Everything I learn and apply to my profession will enhance my expertise and service, and improve my earning power. Valuable driving time will also be used by listening to self-help and personal development tapes. I will practice making idle time useful.

People respect others who take responsibility for their own doings. Nobody appreciates anyone who blames every problem on everything (or person) other than him or herself. I won’t pass the buck. I will accept responsibility for my own actions and never blame anyone else unjustly. This is my life, and it’s my responsibility to be in control, to take action, to deal with any problems or setbacks, and know that “the buck stops here.”

Very little is accomplished by arguing a point with another. In most cases, one or both of the parties involved will come away with negative feelings, which can also dissolve relationships and productivity. Dale Carnegie wrote, “The only way to win an argument is to avoid it altogether. A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” Strive for mutual agreements and avoid situations where arguments may ensue.

“One of these days is too often none of these days.” That’s why it’s necessary to apply myself to any task at hand, versus putting it off. Idle time creates an idle mind, which is often referred to as the “Devil’s playground.” While it’s important to get some rest, I won’t get trapped by the habit of laziness. I’ll exercise often, be productive and active, and use excess time to get chores and repairs done so they don’t clog up my mind.

Gossip is nobody’s friend. It maims without killing, it breaks hearts and ruins lives. It’s victims are helpless, because gossip has no name or face. It’s cunning and malicious and it grows with age. The more it’s quoted the more it’s believed, and it’s impossible to track down. Once it tarnishes a reputation, it’s never the same. Before I repeat any story, I’ll ask if it’s true. Is it harmless? Is it necessary? If it isn’t I WON’T REPEAT IT.

Don’t make a living at the expense of life. While it’s imperative that I apply myself to my work with great enthusiasm and vigor to be successful, my health and the emotional well being of my family is also important. I will share quality time with my loved ones, without any discussion or concern about my work. Remember, “Life is but a moment in the realm of all eternity, so take the time to have a little fun every day.”

I will never, ever place limitations on myself, nor anyone else. Nor will I ever let anyone limit me (within the laws of God and State). Life is difficult enough without the constraints of others. No one can make me feel inferior without my consent. I will never allow my thoughts, nor any acquaintances, to place restrictions on my dreams, goals, plans, and aspirations.

How do I feel when someone says something condescending to me, or offends my character or that of someone I care about? Hurt and anger are the natural emotions that follow. So, if I can’t say something nice about someone, I won’t say anything at all. It’s also imperative that I maintain personal hygiene, publicly and professionally, to prevent offensive acts like bad breath, body odor, and so on.

Day 19: QUIT TALKING & Listen More!
My Creator gave me two ears and one mouth, so I should listen twice as much as I speak. A “motor-mouth” is a bore. The best conversationalists (and sales people) in the world are great listeners. Plus, nothing causes more complication and frustration than miscommunication… usually from not listening well and following instructions. From now on, I resolve to speak less, hear more and learn as much as I can.

There’s an old adage in sales and marketing that applies to life as well, “Always under-promise and over-deliver.” Whether I’m talking to a client, a family member, a friend or anyone else, I’ll avoid exaggeration of descriptions, accomplishments and events. People prefer to hear the truth, especially when they’re expecting services. I will minimize disappointments and exceed all expectations by delivering more than I promise.

Has my marriage, my career or a special relationship become, inactive, non-flowing, or stale from standing still? If I want to improve and develop the sluggish and dull areas of my life, I must inject vitality and activity from a willingness that comes from within. I am resolved to be more excited, and enthused every day, with a mindset to learn, grow and progress in every way.

Nothing wears down the heart and soul like negative thoughts and communications. I refuse to allow bad news to upset my day. I will also avoid negative interactions with co-workers, family members and friends. Whatever my mind can conceive and truly believe, I will achieve. No one will steal my dream, nor will I negatively impact theirs. The best way to get positive results from people is to use praise, not insults.

My greatest asset is me. If I allow myself to fall into the rut of complacency, I’ll learn to accept mediocrity, from which little or no real success can be gained. Nothing great ever happens at the O.K. Level. I will rise above the crowded streets of average doers and become a giant missile of focused energy aimed directly at my targeted goals. I will let no one stand in my way, nor sway me from seizing the day.

Letting my mind wander can be helpful in the course of a hectic day. But frequent “daydreaming” is a waste of time. It tends to deplete me of the energy and focus needed to carry out my work at optimum performance and quality. What’s important to my success are my “Dreams for the Future.” Once clarified in my mind, I must set the goals and plans necessary to achieve these dreams. This is Success Dreaming.

As a human, unlike animals, I have the God-given ability to control my moods. I will not allow the day’s problems and pitfalls to reflect my temperament at work, or home. Nobody likes a moody person, shifting from one emotion to another. I will strive to be happy at all times, and appreciate the many blessings that I enjoy. Sir James Barrie stated, “Those who bring joy into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.”

It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice. Most people don’t like others who are distant, reserved and condescending. I will dwell on the positives of each day. I will gladly share a smile and a kind word with everyone I meet, and I will strive to be sincere and honest at all times. If I want people to respect me and appreciate me, I must learn to “be hearty in my approbation and lavish in my praise.”

Regardless of stress, or any other problems confronting me, I will avoid using any disgruntled facial looks and behavior. Smiles are the favored reception to any situationÔǪin both business and personal relationships. I’ll remember that “Nobody needs a Smile so much as those who have none left to give.” F.I. FLETCHER Furthermore, I’ll laugh as often as I canÔǪto enjoy life. “An optimist laughs to forget, but a pessimist forgets to laugh.”

I am who I am, and where I am, because others Gave of themselves first. My parents conceived and raised me, scholars wrote books to educate me, and soldiers fought wars to give me freedom. It’s God’s will that I give back some of what I have to others, especially to those who are less fortunate than I am. I’ll be generous with my time and money, and I’ll do my fair share to help in my community, at church and in schools.

I will never, ever give up and quit, unless I am quitting an action or bad habit that interferes with my growth and success. Whenever I start a task or set a goal, I will never consider backing off until it has been completed, no matter how long it takes. Like a little chick that strengthens itself while breaking free of its shell, it’s the struggles in life that make us strong. To be a Winner, I must keep working and never quit!

I am not stupid, I am intelligent. Ignorance is simply the lack of education and knowledge. I resolve to learn all I can about my profession, my products, my competition, my hobby and the world around me. I will become as informed and aware of changes and advances in my chosen field as anyone can be. I will be respected and sought out for the knowledge and expertise I possess, and I will be rewarded for this financially.

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