woman looking into mirror

The Face That’s Mine

I looked into the mirror

As I so often do,

Applied a little moisturizer

And some cover too.

I couldn’t help but notice

The creases and lines;

The dark spots and the wrinkles,

All signatures of .

And as I looked intently

At what the mirror showed,

I couldn’t help the feeling

That I was not alone.

I knew right at that moment

What God was showing me;

 That I was missing something,

Yes, I was missing me.

That every time I worry

About how youth has waned,

I lose sight of the wonder

And glory of my days.

And then I saw it clearly

A miracle occurred;

Laid out right there before me,

Like pages being turned.

The little girl who cherished

Her mother and her dad;

The sister in the middle,

The daughter who was bad.

The friend who wears her

Wide-open on her sleeve;

The girl who knows that

Has come to set her free.

The mom who isn’t perfect

The who loves her man;

The Christian who is grateful

For God’s redemptive plan.

Yes, standing at that mirror

Within that space and time,

I saw more than my features

I saw the face, that’s mine.

It’s older. and it’s weathered

The are plain to see,

But nothing ever changes

The way God looks at me.

The in my reflection

Have seen a lot of things;

The beauty and the

That living can bring.

Yes, every line and wrinkle

Have their own special place;

For they all tell the story

Of God’s amazing grace.

— By Kathi Miles


“But those who in the Lord will renew their strength; they will soar on eagles wings; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint.” — Isaiah 40:31


Kath has a Christian Blog full of inspiring poetry and stories to lift your spirits and delight your soul. For more of her magnificent , visit “Grace Lover” – here >> … And follow her on Twitter here >>



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