Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)

The Insults Story

— Author Unknown

It was in Primary 4. A class was having a science lesson in a school called Anglo-Chinese School (Primary). All of the students in the class were quietly doing their schoolwork with the strict science teacher in the class. At a certain time period, the teacher walked out of the classroom, leaving no one to take care of the class. Knowing that the teacher will be gone for a few minutes, a majority of the students in the class began to chat with one another.

“Hey John,” Keithon called out.

“What’s up?” John asked.

Keithon then gave a devilish face, “Who should we insult now?”

“The usual?”

“Okay then. The usual person it is.”

Keithon was one of the most hatred students in the class. Every since he first entered into the school in Primary 1, he would always insult someone from his class everyday without fail. To make matters worse, when someone is being verbally bullied, no one dare to tell the teachers about it. Not even the victim’s friend. However, there was one incident that happened a few years ago where a class monitor named Henry who was brave enough to tell the teachers about Keithon verbally insulting his classmates. However, that was also the last time anyone who saw him in the school. Keithon also have a little gang of his own where they will always insult whoever Keithon is insulting at.

“Oh damn. Here we go again,” Brad commented silently, “Hey Jaygan, they will be insulting James again.”

Jaygan then rolled back his eyes and replied, “I hate such things to happen. Hey James, prepare yourself again.”

“I know. I heard everything.” James answered, giving a sad and depress look on his face.

All three Brad, Jaygan and James are best friends. The three of them are always seen together in school at almost every day at every location, be it in the canteen or during assembly. They seemed to be inseparable. Brad is a cheerful person; he would never have a sad look on his face. Even if Keithon is insulting him, he would just laugh the matter off and it appears that he would seems to never put that incident into his mind. He is also a forgiving person, which makes Keithon to stop insulting him a few months ago. Jaygan is a kind and loving person who has seems to have never ever have made an enemy in his whole life. Everyone would just want to be his friend. He is also an understanding person who always knows when a person is lost, alone and feeling down. James is a helpful person, but can sometimes get a little nosey. He is always willing to help everyone, be it his classmates, his friends, or even a total stranger. He always just helps everyone. In the past, he was always looks cheerful every day until when he have Keithon as his classmate. Ever since then, although he appears to be cheerful on the outside, he will always feel hurtful on the inside due to Keithon constantly insulting James every single day. Knowing about this just a few weeks ago, both Brad and Jaygan are now afraid that James could blow his top anytime soon. However, they didn’t expect it to be very soon.

Keithon and his little gang then begins to say bad things about James, saying things like James going to the red-light district to perform underage activities, James doing indecent activities at home and such. They would never pause for a moment, constantly talking about such stuff one after another non-stop. Brad and Jaygan then began to worry and look at James, seeing how he is reacting it these insults. The other classmates also felt how James will react to the incident, but no one would dare to stop Keithon. Basically, everybody in this class knew that James will one day break down, but no one knew when.

A few minutes had pass and it appears that James is still able to take in all of the insults. As James was still doing the schoolwork, he lay his left arm on the table and put his head on it, with the chin placed on the arm. At this point, Jaygan know what will be happening next.

Jaygan, who was sitting beside James by a table away, stare at his eyes closely to see how James is reacting to the insults, thinking that he may cry at any moment soon. True to his prediction, James’ eye has turned watery.

“Hey James,” Jaygan then asked James as he was concern, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, ya.” James sobbed.

Brad heard James sobbing and, together with Jaygan, tries to comfort James. “Hey James, just try to relax ah. You wanna take a breather outside?”

Still sobbing, James replied, “No thanks.”

“Damn,” Jaygan commented in an angrier and harsher tone, “I just wish that those bastards would just shut their freaking trap up!”

The chattering of the whole class then died down after Jaygan’s comment. Everyone was shocked at his comment he just said; it was the first time he had ever blew his top. Jaygan then faced towards Keithon and his little gang, giving them the looks. “You guys just wouldn’t stop insulting James, do you? Ever since the school had begun, you guys have been insulting him over and over and over. You guys won’t get tired of it hor?”

At a stern tone, Keithon stood up and replied fiercely, “So what? To us, James is just a timid person we can insult at. If not, then who can we insult at?”

“You guys only picked at James for fun?” “If not then what?”

At this moment, the others notice that tears had begun to run down James’ cheeks. Brad had been trying hard to calm him down. Some others also decided to help.

“But, out of all the 40 of us, why the heck you chose James! He has been hearing you guys insulting him for the past seven months and he has been able to control. In case you didn’t know, inside his heart, he has been very upset and depressed by your stupid insults on him! Are you guys trying to hurt him so badly that you want him to be dead?”

“What if I say yes?”

“You cruel bastard. Why are you so heartless?”

James then began to cry non-stop, feeling very hurt by the quarrel both Keithon and Jaygan are having. Justin, a friend of Jaygan, also joined into the quarrel, siding with Jaygan. “And tell me, what the freak did James ever did to you guys?! He is just an innocent boy who led a cheerful life before you guys came into the picture. And now? Look at him! He is now very depressed by going to school and having to face you guys insulting him! He has also tried to control his emotional anger towards you guys! And now what?! His once cheerful life has been ruined by you bastards!”

“So you think by the two of you ganging up can bring down the embarrassment to me?! And you guys want to put all the blame to me?! I don’t think so. Remember what happen to Henry? That bastard? He had tasted his own medicine for trying to get back at us. And yet, both of you guys never even learn from the incident?! Oh my goodness. I really pity you guys.”

Jaygan then fiercely shout back at them, “Are you trying to change the topic? Huh? Are you trying to say that you are speechless? Huh? Well I guess that both of us had won this debate then.” “Firstly, we were talking about James, and now you are talking about Henry,” Justin added on, “Are you scared now? Huh? You cowardly bastard! You and you freaking gang better stop these freaking nonsense before you guys will get the of the real medicine you guys will get. And that, you bastards, will be expulsion.”

“So you guys want me to get back into the topic right?” Keithon angrily replied, “Okay then. Let’s just say that James’ freaking parent didn’t raise him up properly and that’s why James is in such a desire state that and, in fact, committing suicide is the best way for him to stop hearing anymore insults from me!”

James couldn’t handle it anymore. After Keithon finished his last few words, James, without hesitation, push the table forward with great strength until it fell to the ground with a loud bang, causing the students from other classrooms to be able to hear it. He then turn around and stare angrily with his hatred eyes full of tears at Keithon. The state he is in now looks like as if a demon has possessed him; it’s like a totally opposite of the previous James everyone knew it would be. Everyone then looked at James, terrified at the James they weren’t used to know. “Keithon, you really just hate to see me every day, is it? You just wish that I would just disappear, is it? You just wish that I will just commit suicide, is it? Okay then. I’ve shall do that right now!”

Without a moment to think, James immediately dash through the door and towards the direction of the stairs to the rooftops. Desperately trying to convince James not to end his life, Jaygan ran toward James at the doorway, trying to tell him to stop at his tracks. However, his attempts failed. With his eyes full of hatred, he turns back at Keithon and told him in a hatred tone, “If anything happens to James, I will never ever let you off.” Finishing his sentence, Jaygan immediately tries to catch up with James, hopefully managing to stop James from the worse.

Feeling remorseful, Keithon had just realised what he had turned James into. He just then collapses onto his seat, reflecting deeply what he has done towards James.

“You will regret this for the rest of your life for sure.” Justin commented and shock his head after that, walking back to his seat. The others in the class then stare angrily at Keithon like he is a prisoner that had committed a most disgraceful crime ever.

With only one thing in his mind, James just ran towards the ladder access to the rooftops, ignoring Jaygan’s pleading for him to stop. After a few short climb, James, still crying, walk over to the edge of the rooftops, still thinking at how bad his life had already become. It was not just Keithon’s insults on him. It was far worse than that. Keithon’s insults are just the trigger for James to decide to end his life. Jaygan had manage to climb to the rooftops and, with his eyes opened wide, he saw James taking an inch by inch closer to the edge of the rooftops.

“James! Don’t do it!” Jaygan shouted without hesitation and dash towards him.

Immediately turning around and facing towards Jaygan, James ordered Jaygan while he is still crying, “Stay where you are! Another step forward and I will jump!”

“Okay, okay! I’ll stay where I am!”

“Tell me honestly, why the heck I was born into this freaking messed-up world? Everything in my life is just very screwed up! I’ve got my classmates insulting me in school and I’ve got some freaking family troubles at home! Why is my life has to turn out in this way?”

“James, no one’s life is meaningless. Everyone had at lease experience our ups and downs in life. Even I had my own problems in life. We all just have to overcome them and move on in life. Don’t just give up. If there is an obstacle in life, just move on.”

“But why am I different from everyone else?! Everybody that I know had a far more peaceful meaning in life than I do! Why I can’t be the same than everyone in this world! I just hate my life!”

“James, I know that you’re lost, alone and feeling down, and I know that you’re heart has already broken. But remember that you’re perfect; God makes to mistakes. Just take a look around! Everyone is different, and everyone’s a miracle in their own way. Just listen to yourself, not what other people say. We all were born into this world with a mission, and that mission is to live on this world till to the day that we die. If you look at it, by just doing a foolish thing like what you are doing, you are just going to make everyone hurtful and ruin their lives too! Look! Your parents had saved up their hard-earned money just to raise you and your younger brother up! They have spent thousands, if not millions, of dollars on you just to make sure that you are alive and kicking well now! But if you want to end you life like this, their heart will break and you may or will drive them to their graves too! In addition, you will also impact all of your loved ones – your family, your friends; basically everyone!”

As Jaygan continues to talk about how meaningful one’s life can be, James did listen to his speech. As the Jaygan continues to drag on and on, James begins to have calmed itself down slowly. He had shed less and less of its tears.

“…So James, now that I have told you everything, do you want to reconsider your actions and live life to the fullest?” Jaygan questioned James, hopefully that he can manage to convince him not to be foolish by ending his life this way. He also cautiously steps closer to towards James, hoping that he could eventually grab hold of him.

“I…I…” James just didn’t know what to say, “My mind was just…confused…” James was then on the verge of crying again when he just ran towards Jaygan and hugged onto him tightly. Tears then begin to roll down his cheeks again. “I just don’t know what to do without you.”

“Everything is gonna be alright, James. Every single one of us will at least have to experience such hardship in life. It’s a natural process. By facing your problems and overcoming them, it will make us a physically stronger person.”

“Jaygan, I’m glad to have such a friend like you.” And James hugs him tightly, feeling how loving and caring Jaygan is. Jaygan then hug him back, feeling glad that James is perfectly alright again.



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