Psalm 103:10


— By Kath Miles, Grace Lover

Yesterday Facebook removed my blogs because they said they were abusive.

As I thought about it, I realized that some always have and always will take my writings that way.

You see, I write about the outrageous, relentless, miraculous, underserved grace of God.

Grace is offensive, and it always will be.

There’s something so repulsive about complete forgiveness to some who have been forgiven everything.

Something so unfair about letting some sinners go free to those who have been set free.

Grace is cheap when it’s given to someone who sins in ways we don’t.

The sinner who does things that we know God calls wicked and vile. 

The person who doesn’t repent like we think they should.

Change like we expect them to.

Obey the way that we do.

Someone who has the nerve to call themselves by Christ’s name when they are walking a walk we cannot abide. 

But, and I know some will disagree because some always do, that is the power of God’s grace.

It covers the most egregious sins that the other guy commits.

And you know what else, it covers our most egregious sins as well.

Our judgmental, self-righteous, unforgiving, moralistic, high and mighty, unloving, un-Christlike, cold-hearted, indifferent, apathetic sins.

The gospel is the story a Savior who gave His life for wicked, vile, wretched sinners. Shed His blood for liars and thieves, the immoral, the lustful, the haters, and even the murderers.

They come to His sweet throne of grace with nothing to show for themselves but His loving kindness and mercy.

And so do we.


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Kath has a Christian Blog full of inspiring poetry and stories to lift your spirits and delight your soul. For more of her magnificent workvisit “Grace Lover” – here >> … And follow her on Twitter here >>



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