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Inspire 21's "Inspiring Stories"Our mission is to provide "Inspiring words for the 21st century."  So, here we offer a unique collection of inspiring short stories, motivational short stories, inspirational stories, inspirational love stories and humorous stories for you to read and share. 
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The inspiring stories that are labeled 'TRUE' are done so to the best of our knowledge, and we offer links to documentation. But, we do not have full proof in some cases. However, ALL of these stories and messages are provided because of their uplifting content, whether true or not. Many books we've read and movies we've watched were totally untrue, but we enjoyed them the inspiration they gave us - especially if they had a happy ending. As an old sage once said, "Never let the truth interfere with a good story."

So, please read and share these stories at your own discretion. For authenticity, you can always check with our friends at or accepts no liability for any misprints, typos, or misinformation acquired for public display at this site. Thank you for your understanding!

Also - Many of the inspiring stories used here are used with permission from the author. However, we cannot grant permission to reuse any of these inspirational stories, as the majority of them are not ours.

Lastly - Many inspiring stories (emailed to us or we came across online) are listed as "Author Unknown." If you happen to know the author's name, to whom credit should be given, please contact us with that information so we can keep our inspiring story collection accurate. Thank you again!!

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