Keith Carradine

Born Again American

Academy Award-winning songwriter Keith Carradine wrote the song for this patriotic music-video, “Born Again .” It took 16 performers and two choruses to bring Keith’s song to in 14 iconic locations around the USA. The singers and musicians, non-professionals all, were chosen because they are living the in these troubled times, not just performing them. Watch, listen and then share this with others…

You can read the lyrics (in a pop-up window) by clicking this link here!

Born Again American is committed to the rebirth and re-expression of citizenship through informed and thoughtful activism. It is an initiative of “Declare Yourself,” a national non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to increasing young voter participation and civic involvement. Declare Yourself’s on-line voter registration tool has been used by almost four million people since 2004. Declare Yourself grew out of the 2003’s Declaration of Independence Road Trip that toured an original 1776 copy of the Declaration to schools, town halls, and other locations all over the country.

About Your Freedoms at Born Again American!
Find out more about protecting the basic American freedoms that were hard won by our founding fathers and mothers. Talk Back to “Your Elected Officials.” You can’t hold them accountable unless you tell them what’s on your mind. Share your priorities, concerns and ideas. After all, they for you.

Join music artists around the world to inspire, connect, and bring to the world through song. Visit Born Again American and share this page with every American you know… It’s time for the Right Change!

Bless America!



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