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Tough Times Don’t Last! Tough People Do!

By Donald Schnell

If there is an economic recession/depression coming, how do we prepare?

I was just a child. We were about to eat a meal of rice and beans, but first my father led us in a prayer of thanksgiving.

The copper mine strike was affecting our family of six, and many other families as well. We were hungry and wondered where we would receive our next meal. The prayer and the faith helped us through that night.

On the coffee table were some books of Norman Vincent Peale.

I remember reading Norman Vincent Peale’s phrase, “Tough times don’t last”, tough people do.”

Those words struck a chord within me. How does one become a “tough” person?

I read through one of the chapters and discovered the power of books, faith based thinking, positive, optimistic thinking and the power these have to shape one’s thoughts and destiny.

Peale described tough minded people as “Optimistic Thinkers”. These were people who put their faith in a higher power and then by being in harmony with that higher power would choose to think solution oriented thoughts.

Peale realized that as humans we will face numerous ups and downs in life. He believed that we had a choice as to how we chose to think about life at each and every moment.

We can choose to face the day with a thought such as:
“I am strengthened in all things through Christ”. “Within the Torah, I can find guidance.”

“I will look for and expect the best in this day”.

Now, these are choice thoughts. Thoughts based on making a choice as to how you will see your day and how you will choose to make that day.

In my “Whiner to Winner” seminar, I share with the participants that some thoughts are empowering thoughts that can move you forward.

Other thoughts are dis empowering and will paralyze you.

Examples of paralyzing thoughts:
“The market is crashing and it’s the worst it’s ever been!”
“My life is toast!”
“There’s nothing I can do!”
“I’m helpless before the market forces.”

Tough Minded people are realists! They recognize the problem and they don’t wear rose colored glasses. But, they don’t choose paralyzing thoughts, because they know this will make them counterproductive.

Instead they choose thoughts that will add to a positive climate and help them accomplish the goals they’ve established.

They also place their faith in a higher power. You don’t have to be “religious” to do this. It is a spiritual choice. You make a choice to trust in a guiding power. Robert Schulman and others have pointed out the relationship between possibility thinking, faith based thinking and health, life success, and greater career happiness. In other words, from a psychological perspective, it just makes sense to choose faith based thinking.

The other choice is the choice of the pessimist. Pessimists usually say things like:
“There’s nothing anyone can do.”
“Things have always been like this.”
“I’m just being realistic and pointing out facts.”
“God is like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.”

Those thoughts are calculated to bring you down with the pessimist. They are thoughts that dis empower and try to make other people wrong. They attempt to add to life’s pain and take away joy.

Tough times don’t last. Tough people do. Tough people fight the herd of negative thinkers with some faith based thoughts and actions.

They brighten up the room with some flowers. They spread joy and cheer and point out what is right, what is working. They search for solutions and answers and they trust that a higher power will assist them in providing the answers and solutions.

The choice is always in our hands, hearts and minds. We can choose to make things better and better with the thoughts we think.

The copper strike ended and my father and many other fathers returned to their jobs. From those days of uncertainty and fear, I learned to choose. I became a Tough Minded Optimist for life.

My brightest thoughts and prayers with you and yours that we create one of our best years ever!

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