The Easter Club

Story written by a 6-year-old with her dad

One day Annie was walking around. She gently picked up an Easter egg and shook it. She said, “No, there is nothing interesting in this one. I am an Easter egg hunter.” She found a little purple egg and shook it. She picked it up and took it.

Another girl walked by her and joined. Her name was Kyla. Another came by and joined in. Her name was Emma. One more girl came by, and her name was Mia. They reached down and picked eggs up. Annie carefully picked up a purple egg. ” I love Easter egg hunts,” said Kyla.

The girls looked and looked for eggs, but they were only able to find empty ones. Annie looked over her shoulder and saw an injured puppy walking down the street. They went over to pick the puppy up. They took the puppy to the vet to have it checked out. The vet said that the puppy needs food, water, rest and love.

The girls decided to adopt the puppy. They loved it, played with it and gave it food and water. It played fetch. The egg hunts were so fun, but they played with their puppy instead.

One morning they woke up and found their Easter egg baskets full of beautiful eggs containing delicious candy. They ate one piece of candy and found a note under the candy. The note said: Thank you for taking care of the puppy. Love, Katie.

The girls didn’t know who Katie was or how the eggs got there. Maybe it was magic?

They met Katie at school. They learned about math. Katie walked to school with them. They walked out of school together.

The End



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