Dogs in a Box

Written by 6 year old.

One day a little girl walked by a dog adoption. She hurt the dogs. She didn't care. She just walked off. She crossed her arms. She adopted a puppy and hurt her puppy. The other dogs were in a box barking at each and fighting because the little girl hurt them. She threw her pup around. She threw it hard on the couch. The little girl was mad at her dog so she threw it on her bed. She walked off from her puppy and locked the door. She ate her supper. She didn't like her puppy. The dogs at the adoption were still fighting. The dogs wrestled each other, but not in a good way. The little girl ran off and played with her . When she got home she ran somewhere else and her dog was still locked in her room. She ran to her friend's house. The little girl never checked on her puppy. She went home and ran away from her puppy. The little girl never played with her puppy. The little girl checked the calendar in her bedroom. “It's school day today!” she yelled to her puppy and ran off and locked the door again. Her puppy did not like the little girl. The puppy thought that she was the worst owner ever. She was at school when she picked up her pencil and wrote about how bad her puppy was. She didn't like puppies. When she got home she zipped up each side of her bed sheet and wouldn't let the puppy inside. She was sitting inside her bed and said, “Get off, get off!” The puppy got off and ran downstairs where she wasn't. She was glad her puppy left and went downstairs. The next day she yelled,”It's school day today!” Her puppy ran out the door and got lost and she was happy.

The dog was at home because her mom found it and the little girl was happy. She missed her pup so much. She sat on the couch and let it sit beside her and watch TV. She laid beside the puppy. The puppy was by her feet. She got off the couch and the puppy followed her, she was happy. The next day when she was at school, she missed her puppy. She started to cry a bit when she was at school. When she got home, she snuggled her puppy. The little girl let the puppy sit beside her when she was standing by her calendar looking at it. “I am glad you're back,” she said. She loved her puppy so much. She went outside and played fetch with her puppy. She a book on her bed and let her puppy sit up with her. She got off her bed and the puppy followed her. She loved her puppy. She sat with her puppy on the couch. She snuggled it. When her was at , she and her puppy waited at the door for him. She went to school again and missed her puppy. When she got home, she was so happy to see it. They sat on the couch and rested together. “You're the best puppy in the world.” She said to the puppy. Her best friend came over and looked at the puppy. The puppy tilted its head back and forth. She loved her puppy. The puppy ran off from her friend and hid. “Are you nervous?” the little girl said. The little girl ran up to her room and looked at her calendar and said,”Oh no! I am late for photo day!” She ran out the door quickly. She got her photo taken and then ran back home. Her puppy ran toward her and she ran toward her puppy. They were so glad to see each other again. It was time for bed and the little girl slept on her bed with her puppy. She was sad her friend went home, but she loved her puppy even more. She petted her puppy's head. Her friend came back. All three of them played together. It was girl and puppy love. The little girl took a picture of all three of them. “We look so cute together.” she said. We laughed. Her friend ran home. As days went by, they loved each other. They liked to be together. Her friend ran back to the little girl's house. They jumped up together. The little girl ran to school again. The little girl came back home. She loved her puppy. “This was the most colorful day,” The little girl said. They had a family get together one day. The family get together was fun. Everyone left. The little girl went back to bed.

The End

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