Love is in the Air

One day it was Valentine’s Day. Annie put up lots of Valentine’s decorations. Her little sister Annabelle helped put up the decorations. They hung up a banner of hearts. Annie carefully walked across the floor. Her little sister Annabelle did too. Annabelle screamed for no reason. Annie carefully picked up Annabelle. Her little sister walked out of the room. Annie tripped over her sister Annabelle, and she screamed right in Annie’s ear. Annie ran over and screamed in her sister’s ear. Annie was mad at her little sister Annabelle.

They ran out of the room chasing each other. Annie pushed her little sister down the slide really fast. Her little sister started wailing. They stopped being silly. They carefully started decorating again. Annie walked across the floor again. Annabelle walked across the floor too. They rested from all the decorating. As they were sitting, they ate. Annie went to use the bathroom. She flushed the toilet and then came back out. She took off her sweater. They started fighting again. Then they started decorating.

Annie put her sweater back on. Then she peered down at the sliding glass door and she saw a kitty. She knelt down to see the kitty. She went out the sliding glass door. The kitty was gone. “Oh no!” she said. “I have to find it.” She rested her leg on the chair outside. The kitty ran through the glass door. “Oh no!” she said. “I have to get it out of here.” Annabelle ran down to Annie and looked out the glass door. Annie carefully kept the kitty inside and brushed it. She set it down so that she could decorate. She put her little sister Annabelle into her playpen.

While Annabelle was in her playpen, she ran to give the kitty a bath. She put it in the sink carefully. Annie and the kitty started decorating. Annie ran around with the kitty. They chased mice together. Annie carefully put up a decoration. The kitty jumped out of the window. Annie ran out the door to catch it. She grasped it in her hands. “Phew!” she said. “I am glad that I got the kitty in the house.” She let the kitty nap. The kitty went right back up on its four paws and played. She put up lots more decorations. She carefully played with the kitty. Her little sister got up and played with her little game.

Annie ran up with the kitty to her room and played with it. The kitty meowed. She made sure that her sister did not get out of the playpen. Annie and the kitty danced together. She woke up the next morning, and her kitty was missing. She saw a dog running after something. It was not her kitty. It was a mouse. Then she saw her kitty climbing up a tree. She got her kitty before it climbed all the way up the tree. Her mom came over and said, “Annie, what are you doing with that kitty!” Annie took the kitty into her room and closed the door. Her kitty ran downstairs toward her mom and rubbed against her mom. Her mom said, “Oh! The kitty is fun!” Her mom ran up to Annie and said, “Oh, alright, you can keep the kitty.”

The kitty ran across the whole room, and Annie jumped to get her. Annie grasped her into her hands and said, “Sorry, mom.” Her mom said, “Oh, that’s alright.” Annie put up three more decorations and said, “There, finished.” Annie played with a toy mouse with the kitty. The kitty jumped up to get it. The kitty twirled on a toy feather. Annie ran with the toy feather, and the kitty jumped up to get it. Annie giggled. The kitty jumped up onto her lap while she was reading a book. Annie giggled. The kitty walked across the room to her bed.

Annie named it Tiger. “Here, Tiger.” Annie called. Tiger ran over to her and jumped into Annie’s lap. Annie almost fell asleep, but she caught herself and woke up. Tiger chased the toy mouse that she had put on the floor. Tiger fell asleep right on the rug. “Okay, Tiger, time for bed.” said Annie. She went to bed and closed the door so Tiger would not escape. Annie and the kitty fell asleep together.

Then when they woke up the next morning, Tiger battled Annie’s rug. Annie said, “No, Tiger, no!” Tiger stopped and ran over to Annie and jumped on her. Annie said, “No, Tiger, no! No jumping!” The kitty ran over to Annie and sat on her foot. Annie ran over to Tiger and played with Tiger. Tiger jumped up and licked Annie’s face. Annie giggled. “Ah!” Annie shouted. “You are messing up my new rug!” Tiger sat down and licked her paw. Annie jumped toward Tiger and Tiger jumped out of the way because Annie was about to hit her. She and the kitten slept together.

The End



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