Your Last Flight

“Your Last Flight” Joe, this is the most important flight of your . I know it was difficult to leave your and friends. But, it will not be too long before you will be together again. I know you will be very glad to be united once more with mother and . I know its sad that you must die. But, off to you will surely fly.

(Dedicated to my deceased brother, Joe Pennock. I read it aloud at his funeral service.) Eleanor May Dubarry, April 25,1993

My own mother, Eleanor, died June 4th 2007 shortly after her 79th birthday. The proceeding poem was read during my Uncle Joe’s memorial service, at the church he helped to build in Snohomish Washington. was asked by our relatives to read and a memorial message. I helped her another poem. My deceased Aunt Jean, was my Uncle Joe’s second wife.



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