Aristotle Quotes

Rembrandt painting of AristotleAristotle (384 BC - 322 BC) was a Greek philosopher, a student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great. His writings cover many subjects, including physics, metaphysics, poetry, theater, music, logic, rhetoric, politics, government, ethics, biology, and zoology. Together with Plato and Socrates (Plato's teacher), Aristotle is one of the most important founding figures in Western philosophy.

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Easter Flowers and Eggs

Easter Sunday Definition: An annual church festival commemorating Christ’s resurrection, and occurring on Sunday, the second day after Good Friday. It corresponds to the pasha or passover of the Jews, and most nations still give it this name under the various forms of pascha, pasque, paque, or pask. “The day …

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Knowledge Quotes

"All men by nature desire knowledge." -- Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC), Metaphysics

"To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge." -- Benjamin Disraeli (1804 - 1881)

"There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge." -- Bertrand Russell (1872 - 1970)

"Convinced myself, I seek not to convince." -- Edgar Allan Poe (1809 - 1849)

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Candle representing hope quotes

“Hope is a good thing; maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies.”  — From the movie, ‘Shawshank Redemption’ “Until the day when God shall deign to reveal the future to man, all human wisdom is summed up in these two words, ‘Wait and hope’.” — Alexandre …

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Facing The Enemies Within

Jim Rohn speaking

-- by Jim Rohn

We are not born with courage, but neither are we born with fear.  Maybe some of your fears are brought on by your own experiences, by what someone has told you, by what you've read in the papers. Some fears are valid, like walking alone in a bad part of town at two o'clock in the morning. But once you learn to avoid that situation, you won't need to live in fear of it.

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Lincoln Speaks To America

Dollar, dime and half dollar

-- By Hong Min Zou*


     My fellow countrymen, what has happened to our great nation since my death? My heart is heavy over what I see. What has happened to the presence of God, to the sanctity of life, the family, equality of man, the values that our fellow countrymen died for so gloriously on the field of battle?

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