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American Catholics prep for new Mass translation

Associated Press Published Friday, November 11, 2011 RIVER EDGE, N.J. ÔÇö Each Sunday for decades, Roman Catholic priests have offered the blessing ÔÇö ÔÇ£Lord be with you.ÔÇØ And each Sunday, parishioners would respond, ÔÇ£And also with you.ÔÇØ Until this month. Come Nov. 27, the response will be, ÔÇ£And with your spirit.ÔÇØ And so will begin a small revolution in a tradition-rich faith. At the end of the month, parishes in English-speaking countries will begin to use a new translation of the Roman Missal, the ritual text of prayers and instructions for celebrating Mass. International committees of specialists worked under a Vatican directive to hew close to the Latin, sparking often bitter protests by English speakers over phrasing and readability.

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2 Q-tips

by Maureen Killoran

Back in the 1920’s when Polish-American entrepreneur Leo Gerstenzang invented cotton swabs as a safer way to clean his baby’s ears, he called his product “Q-Tip.” Actually, his first name-choice was “Baby Gay” – but that didn’t sell, so the by-now familiar name emerged. Mr. Gerstenzang chose “Q” for Quality . . . and he must have been on to something, because Q-Tip has become a household word (and we’ve developed a whole another set of connotations for ‘Baby Gay.’)

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