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Pretty Lights

Story written by a 6-year-old

Pretty lights are exciting! I went to a place with lots of lights. I was right. There were tons of lights. There were pink ones, red ones, blue ones and green ones. Tons of lights! “Wow, so pretty!” I said. “Ah, just so pretty.” There were lots of beautiful lights there. I have fun at light places. My mom took a video. By the way, my name is Tessie. “Gross,” I said. I didn’t like the smell of the place. It was a stinky smell. It was not a good stinky. I tied my shoelaces and chewed on them. My shoelaces never stick together. They always just come untied. My friend Ridgey came. I am not excited to be at the lights. “Gross lights,” I said. They were stinky but not a good stinky. I kept tying my shoelaces. They kept coming untied. We left the lights. I was not sad. I was happy.

When I went to school the other day, our class pet whimpered. I cried. I felt bad for the class pet. I felt bad for myself too. She thought “myself” was a very sad word.

The End



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