A Dog’s Walk

Story written by a 6-year-old

One day a hound dog started walking. Four girls were walking it. One of the girls was named Emma. And one of the girl’s names was Kyla. Another girl’s name was Annie. The last girl’s name was Mia. They loved hound dogs so much. Emma got excited! Walking dogs is fun, but they are hard work. Kyla loved it too. Mia was screaming in excitement. They saw a golden retriever puppy, and they petted it. Kyla pulled the hound’s leash back from the golden retriever puppy because it was scared. Annie loved golden retriever puppies. They kept on walking their hound dog. Annie tripped over its leash. Annie petted a feisty golden retriever puppy.

The End



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One comment

  1. Loved the language like “feisty”. Well done little one!