I Can Be An Adult

Story written by a 6-year-old

One day, I turned 65. I love being 65. Bye, bye, kid life. Hello, adult life! I can be an adult. I am excited that I won’t say bad words. I am a good adult. I love to eat. I really have to eat. I love eating flax seeds. One of my favorite foods is pistachios. I am excited to be an adult. Now I can talk to my daughter about when I was a kid. An adult is fun to be. I can really be an adult now.

I am an adult gymnast. I do flips, straddles, pikes, bars, tucks, tuck jumps, and I play in the foam pit. I really love to be in the gym. Flipping is my favorite activity. I can really flip. I practice outside in my yard. I do big high flips, tuck jumps, tucks, foam pit and positions. Being an adult gymnast is amazing. I love to do handstands. I am a female adult. Being an adult is amazing. I can be a real adult. My normal adult life is fun. I can’t believe I am an adult gymnast. Being a kid was fun, but I also love being an adult.

The End


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