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The Weirdness

Story written by a 6-year-

I have been . Weirdness is fun to be. I am kind of . I am really . I am gross. There is no cure for . I being . I love kittens. . fun. flew over my head. Being is the happiest thing. There is a cure for : Just don’t be . I am too . I just do things. It’s terrible to be . This is the weirdest day ever. fun is good, but you can’t do it all the time. I think worms are cute, which is . Weirdness is okay. It’s okay to be . Don’t be at all. I am very cool and . It is very to be in a story. I am an adult now. Weirdness is not at all.

The End



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About Ava

I am 6 years old. I love candy. I like cats and dogs.

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  1. Mitch Smith

    What a clever child to write such a meaningful story.

  2. Sweet yet deep ramblings. Enjoyed!!

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