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Mean Kid

Story written by a 6-year-

One day I was mean. Someone screamed at me. “Ah!” I yelled. “This is so relaxing. I being screamed at.” I am so mean. I am the mean kid. I am being screamed at right now. are not fun at all. Yes, it is that are no fun. I am the mean kid. So I am the best kid in the world. I am excited to be the mean kid. Mean are fun to be. I am so mean. Being really mean is just so fun to be. Other people love me. I am a good kid though. I found out that I am a good kid. Good kids are more fun than mean kids. Good kids are nicer. It is fun being a good kid. Being really mean is not fun. I am not the mean kid anymore. I am the kid. Being is more fun than being mean. I am Mr. Nicey.

My Nikki is my best in the whole world. I am Mr. Nicey like I already told you. I used to be called Mr. Meany.

The End



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