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I Pray The Lord My Soul To Keep

-- By Kathy Anne Harris

It was blistering hot even though the sun had set two hours earlier.

Prone on the ground, Seth crawled through dry grass and dusty earth. Soil and weeds clung to his clothing. Gnats and mosquitos clamored on skin that the dirt and leaves left exposed.

In his eyes was reflected the hot glare from exploding mortar shells--and the haunting glow of flares as they blossomed in the canopy of night. Heat from the fires singed his lungs and fanned crisply on his flesh.

Yet there was another fire that blazed bright. And even his fellow soldiers couldn't see that deeply into his mind and heart--to the flame of fear.

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Military Humor

Admiral Rickover's Retirement - True Story

At one point in time during his career, Admiral Hyman Rickover, the father of the Nuclear Navy, was commander of a carrier task force and had his flag on the carrier.

For exercise, Adm. Rickover walked a lap around the flight deck every day. It became custom for the sailors to approach the Admiral during his walks, and gripe, complain, etc., and the Admiral would take care of the problems brought forth by the crew. It was a great morale booster.

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Running for President – True

Mike McNaughton today

One thing about President George W. Bush that has proven unimpeachable is his personal character. Account after account paints Bush the man as an upstanding, caring individual with strong religious convictions who earnestly supports our men and women in the armed forces. Most of those accounts, though frequently peppered with exaggerations or incorrect information, have proven true. This one is no exception. -


Author Unknown

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The True Story of TAPS

We've all heard the haunting song, "Taps," before. It's the song that gives us a lump in our throats and often creates tears in our eyes. This is the true story...

The True Story of TAPS -- "24 Notes That Tap Deep Emotions"
-- By MSG Jari A. Villanueva, USAF

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