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The Near-Death Experience of Mellen-Thomas Benedict

Awesome gold light over maple leaves

Mellen-Thomas Benedict is an artist who survived a near-death experience in 1982. He was dead for over an hour and a half. During that time, he rose up out of his body and went into the light. Curious about the universe, he was taken far into the remote depths of existence, and even beyond, into the energetic void of nothingness behind the Big Bang. Eminent near-death experience researcher Dr. Kenneth Ring has said, "His story is one of the most remarkable I have encountered in my extensive research on near-death experiences."


A Profoundly Inspiring Near-Death Experience Story
ÔÇ¿-- A True Story by Mellen-Thomas Benedict

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American Catholics prep for new Mass translation

Associated Press Published Friday, November 11, 2011 RIVER EDGE, N.J. ÔÇö Each Sunday for decades, Roman Catholic priests have offered the blessing ÔÇö ÔÇ£Lord be with you.ÔÇØ And each Sunday, parishioners would respond, ÔÇ£And also with you.ÔÇØ Until this month. Come Nov. 27, the response will be, ÔÇ£And with your spirit.ÔÇØ And so will begin a small revolution in a tradition-rich faith. At the end of the month, parishes in English-speaking countries will begin to use a new translation of the Roman Missal, the ritual text of prayers and instructions for celebrating Mass. International committees of specialists worked under a Vatican directive to hew close to the Latin, sparking often bitter protests by English speakers over phrasing and readability.

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Good old fashioned football attitude

Football player sitting in locker room

Let’s go! Everyone on the bus!!! That was my command as I sat down behind the wheel of the 29 passenger school bus and proceeded to drive the Gloucester Catholic High School football team to a practice field about 5 miles from the school. Our camp before school began this …

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Drawing Heaven

Akiane Kramarik, Child-prodigy

I caught a video on YouTube about a CNN report showcasing the story of a very gifted 12-year-old artist named Akiane Kramarik. There have been several young gifted artists in the past, but Akiane is rather fascinating.

What makes Akiane so unique is not so much how well she paints, but the subject of her work and her inspiration. When she was 4 she had many visions of meeting God. He told her that she needs to paint and help the less fortunate. He also noted that he’d be there to guide her along the way.

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THE PASSION – A Movie Review

Jesus in The Passion

By Keith A Fournier

Keith A Fournier is a constitutional lawyer and a graduate of the John Paul II Institute of the Lateran University, Franciscan University and the University of Pittsburgh. He holds degrees in philosophy, theology and law. He has been a champion of religious liberty and appeared as co-counsel in major cases at the United States Supreme Court.

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Protestant Catholic Alignment

Gospel Stories and other Catholic and Protestant Christian Stories

By the following authors: Dr. William Abraham, (Methodist), Dr. Elizabeth Achtemeler, (Union Theological Seminary, Virginia), Mr. William Ball Bentley, Dr. Bill Bright , Mr. Charles Colson *, Professor Robert Destro (Roman Catholic), Rev. Juan Diaz-Vilar, S.J.* (Roman Catholic), The Rev. Augustine DiNoia, O.P. (Roman Catholic), Rev. Avery Dulles, S.J.* (Roman …

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